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Online Sales Halted


Who knew that MasterCard could have just as much impact on regulating the vape industry as the FDA? Recently MasterCard sent out an email updating it's policy with vape companies that process their cards. Here are the main points of the email and how you/we are affected:

Significant registration costs

Mastercard is not only requiring a $500 registration fee, but also a third party "certification" that the vendor is meeting all requirements. Such a letter from an attorney is likely to cost another $500 to $1000 at a minimum. With Visa, Chase, Discover, American Express, and Citi soon to follow these registration fees.


With the requirement of Adult Signature Required. USPS (one of the most convenient ways to ship and our preferred shipping method) charges $5.95 (additional) for Adult Signature.

Added Inconvenience

Adult Signature delivery will cause a lot of inconvenience for customers since most people are not at home when the mail carrier delivers the mail. Customers would have to drive to the post office to pick up their vape mail, which would at least reduce lost and stolen shipments. Some customers might start shipping to their workplace where they are available to sign. However, that option will cause many of them to fail the automated age verification process because it is unlikely that your workplace address will appear in public record searches.


Are you between the age of 18-20 and reside in a state that allows you to legally vape? MasterCard has taken away your ability to order online. With their requirement of Adult Signatures on delivery MasterCard has effectively raised the age on vaping. You must be 21 or over with a valid government issued ID to sign for a USPS package with Adult Signature Required. Also see our new requirements for age verification here.

I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING (we thought that too)

"I can start using my Visa debit card or Amex credit card." Well unfortunately, the online software that we use cannot determine the type of card you are using and add an additional cost per that credit card type. Thus, all transactions will need to follow this new procedure.

Take action and sign our Petition to Reverse MasterCard's Anti-vape Policies on Change.org.

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    Who knew that MasterCard could have just as much impact on regulating the …